Inspired by her intro on one of her Instagram posts which reads “My name is Ndandu Khavhadi from Port Elizabeth, South Africa, a mom of 3 and married to my best friend. I love diy with passion for recycling, upcycling and reusing. I FAIL so many times but I’m not a failure” we just had to feature her on our blog and at least show you what she’s about. Clearly, she knows how to deliver a KILLER intro or was that not the perfect mic drop situation or maybe just take some notes (not copy and paste bethu) and use some of that as a perfect way of telling them about yourself in your next job interview??? Either way, mogel had me at hello and if you don’t agree then hay’sana andizi, like I can’t help you mntase, fullstop!

Her creativity, perfectionism, attention to every little, intsy bintsy detail is inspiration for sure! Child, me I tell you now, see her workoooo (Nigerian accent) and you’ll see why she does more than just excite me. Through her I see hope and endless possibilities. Like, for someone like me, who’s constantly thinking of and coming up with brilliant ways of reinventing the wheel or creating the next big thing since sliced bread (which I have, nyan-nyan, strubob), the quality of Ndandu Khavhadi’s work is YOH YOH YOH! Like, I freeze-isha just as I type, so please, blame her and the level of excitosis she breaths into my being for any and all grammatical and socially inappropriate and/or misspelled words and wrongly used phrases on this website and all things Hoodz related, like from now until forever! You see an error anywhere, just soma anywhere in the world nje, you just blame it on Ndandu coz ugel ungishaya DING DONG! Can you imagine how many new local businesses could pop up from just her Instagram page alone? The impact on our society and economy?! Like I said; YOH YOH YOH!!!

YOH! Maybe just have a look at her work and tell me if this doesn’t inspire you to create your very own products or something. I mean, just take a look and tell me you weren’t tempted to put on some overalls, a doek, your gardening gloves (coz that’s all we have…lol) and just start working, long nails, stiletto’s and all…lol!

And by the way, that’s her, Ndandu Khavhadi, and whilst we’re at it, let me ask, is it okay to shoot a best friend shot? Like, something as simple as Ndandu please be my BBFF, even though I might not know how to do the things that make the things to be done! That’s appropriate right? Can I do that? I feel in my soul that I should, like really! lol TIA….This is Africa!

And now, see what she’s about and I’ll be here, waiting for your YOH YOH YOH’s!

And this, which we wanted to post a few days ago on our Insta…

,but later decided we’d go with this one:

Now do you get what I mean? Visit her page ntwana. I’m telling you, it’s all YOH YOH YOH AND YOH worthy! Like, we could just share every single one of her posts, but that would be defeating the purpose of us introducing her to you and inspiring you to do the things. We’ll just leave it at that, allow you to explore the world of creativity, fun, learning, mistakes and all, with Ndandu, my new BBFF! Don’t forget to follow her on Insta!

Ps: I don’t quite know if she’s cool with ya’ll copying her work and recreating her stuff, but hey, if she scolds at you, just tell her Nosi, her new BBFF at Hoodz said you could… 😉

Pps: I like saying like, like a lot!

xoxo (via social distance)


(Founder and CEO @HOODZ_Africa aka I like literally just work here)

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