Please Find Our Terms of Service Agreement Here

Please note that the costs, risks and obligation of getting your products to and from our facilities are yours to bear as these services are currently only available from Cape Town, South Africa. 

What You Get?

Warehousing and Standard Packaging:  Space might be a problem for you, but not for us! We will store and package your products for easy and convenient delivery to your customers.

Professional Product/Service Images: The images you load online can either make or break your local business as they serve as the first point of contact between you and your customers. That’s why our photographers will ensure that you have the best quality product/service images to hit the ground running every month!

Delivery : With your products conveniently located at one of our warehouses, we can ensure that your customers get your products on time every time and enjoy our Free Delivery offers where applicable!

Free Social Media Posts: Not everyone has what it takes to create the best looking social media posts and some just don’t have the time. That’s why we handle that for you with 5-10 weekly social media posts, shared across our network to drastically increase your social media visibility and customer engagement!

Sell/Advertise Online: Why build an online store from scratch when you can advertise your services for just R99pm or sell up to 10 products on the Hoodz online store at just 9%commission per product sold?

What To Do!

Sign Up Online: It’s Quite simple. Fill up the form above, familiarize yourself with and agree to the Terms of Service Agreement.

Pay Your R99 Monthly Fee: Talk about value for money! What would cost THOUSANDS of Rands, we’re giving it to you for just R99 per month (with no additional costs). And no, there is no catch! All we want is to see our communities flourish and to do our part towards job creation. That’s all!

Share Our Daily Community Posts: We strongly believe in the power of community and UBUNTU meaning “I am,  because you are” thus we are building a community of local businesses united for each other’s dreams, growth and success. 

Look at it like this, you might have the best dry cleaning service or the best muffins in town, but very few people will come to your establishment when you’re the only one there. Why? The same reason why people flock to malls; “convenience”

You and every other local business on Hoodz has an established data base of loyal supporters of local businesses. Tap in to the power of that eager community and let’s accelerate the growth of each  local business, one dream at a time.