About Our Company

Hoodz is not about any one person, but rather the many; obscure local businesses who are now more than ever in desperate need of a platform that’ll allow their products to shine, minus all the red-tape.

Our motto is quite self-explanatory “sow potential. REAP SUCCESS” as we encourage these businesses and any others out there who for some reason haven’t yet started; to hit the ground running, give it their best shot and start where they are with what little they have, expecting nothing, but the best results possible.

And to the local businesses; Remember, there’s always someone out there who’d give the world to have the few resources you have albeit minuscule to you. It’s worth something and like a mustard seed, though the smallest of seeds grown in soil, you too have the potential at being the biggest and the best in your field, but only if you’re willing to give it your all!

So, take what little you have, put it in the ground and REAP SUCCESS!

Represent your HOODZ.
Come away from obscurity!

It doesn’t matter who you are or where you are, there is a place for you at Hoodz.  Let the world see what you’re capable of and let your creativity shine!


sow potential. REAP SUCCESS!

The Crew

Our Team

These are the complete strangers who decided to take a chance on themselves, come together and do business whilst social distancing; social businessing at  its finest! These are the faces behind the products you now see on our store.

Bonginkosi Gwangqa
Lauren Jonkers Soman
Gcogco Tukulula
Cray-Lee Jonkers
Mandy Botha
Vensensia Gwara
HOODZ FOUNDER AND CEO: Nosiphiwo Nzeyimana
Our Friends
and Sponsors